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Earth Hour ( an original poem of Mrs.Simonette T.Brebenariu)

an original poem of Mrs. Simonette Tenido Brebenariu


Earth Hour
E-arth attains richness through heaven,
A-midst the green of life with abundance of men.
R-eaching lines of calamities from way back then,
T-otality cracks the future if so...a destruction too of an ocean.
H-uman beings dwell to a near farewell zone of catastrophes,
H-aving the problems of knowing the solutions in memories.
O-wning the rage,there must be a way to embark the reality...
U-nderstanding of all people,the involvement,that we must see---
R-ichness of minds on solidarity: an EARTH HOUR,with glee!!!
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In Foarte Primul Craciun Cu Sotul Meu (Romanian Translation)

This is a poem written by me...The Very First Christmas With My Husband...by Mrs. Simonette Tenido Brebenariu

Pana in 2008 este cel mai frumos ar pentru mine,
ca binecuvantata de Dumnezeu,
In foarte primul Craciun cu sotul meu,int-adevar este foarte fericit.
Dimineata,dupa-amiaza si seara prin vocea briza Europeana,
Fulgi in Romania ar putea fi la cea mai adinca cel inghetare.
Facand doreste ca am sa scriu mea cu rosu si cel verde jurnal,
Dragoste si verde pini...simbolismul la ea...prea sursa de inspiratie!
Bucuria,triumf si bliss sa imbratiseze in lista de indeplinirea,
Cadou o iubire nesfirsita fata si angajamentul sunt aici pentru el.
Craciunul este o enorma apel pentru mine sa imparta cu sotul meu,
La nasterea lui Iisus Hristos urme pe cale de o familie in sfanta,noua terenuri.
Comparabile cu viata mea, asa cum m-am rugat atit de mult...o dorinta as foarte strans,
Sa fie cu cineva ca speciale mi chem proprie sotul meu,si s-ar putea fi.
Visele pe aceasta remarcabila,pline de satisfactie si pasnice sezon,
In Foarte Primul Craciun Cu Daniel meu, Dumnezeu pe satisface ratiunea.

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Written by: Mrs. Simonette Tenido Brebenariu
of Resita,Jud.Caras-Severin,Romania,Europe

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Simonette Brebenariu first landing in RO

Simonette first step in Romania on February 6,2008.


My experiences travelling by plane before only lasted for about 45 minutes or one hour, as to consider my flight from Manila to Cebu and from Manila to Hong Kong but when Daniel sent me an invitation and electronic ticket to be in Romania...Wow! this was the longest trip that I ever had in the history of my travel by plane with two stop-over...almost 17 hours...from Manila to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Bucharest,Romania.Well, as a usual traveller, I was always there to say my prayer for a long journey and thank God, I had a happy and peaceful trip. When I arrived at the Airport of Bucharest,my very first landing,I mean,the first time to be in Romania on February 6,2008, I had felt that mixed emotions...too nervous...tensed...felt to go in the wash room...and so-so...and happy to see my future husband in reality. The time I saw Daniel...ehem! as if we saw each other in person for so long,actually his photo on emails and webcam with chat were similar in reality,though that was the very first time to see/meet both of us in person.Daniel was so speechless and emotional when he saw me, and I was so happy...too talkative and asked him questions about his feelings during that very moment. You might be surprised that we had met via internet, a sort of an e-pal, but our love story via email was longer,we knew each other for almost 4 years; we started chatting,had a communication via emails,mails,phone calls, on April 4,2004. Can you imagine that...well, as for travel in the country of Romania,the towns and counties that I had visited...I able to remark them all...very wonderful and a journey to treasure with my entire life and might tell My Travels to my future children.---Mrs.Simonette Tenido Brebenariu of Resita,Jud. Caras-Severin,Romania,Europe

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